Filippo Berio Arm Direct
Filippo Berio Arm Direct

The Brief

Filippo Berio had not advertised on TV in the UK before and needed to make a tightly budgeted TV ad (£35k) to prove this media to Italian HQ. The challenge to ARM Direct was to substantially increase consumer awareness of the Filippo Berio brand when shoppers were presented with an array of choices in the supermarkets.

Filippo Berio Arm Direct creative agency

The Strategy

Made for a fixed budget the highly memorable Filippo Berio TV ad features an Italian Opera singer singing the brand name many times to a well-known aria. Using a specialist food DOP the close-ups of the product and tasty food are intercut with clips of Filippo Berio customers enjoying the product. The TV ad was broadcast within popular food programmes on selected TV channels.

The Results

The TV campaign substantially increased Filippo Berio brand awareness and retail sales plus website recipe registrations.

Filippo Berio Arm Direct TV ad production

For a modest OTL budget brand awareness exceeded the campaign objectives helping to persuade the Italian HQ to invest in further TV advertising in the UK. This successful TV ad was also used by Filippo Berio in France, Germany, Holland & Thailand thereby further amortising
initial costs.

Filippo Berio Arm Direct television ad
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