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BRTV Drives Online Traffic

Ecommerce retailers often complain about being held to ransom by Google each month. We hear this a lot when they’re forced to increase their online ad spend to generate qualified leads or sales.

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Use BRTV to Maximise Online Sales

How we helped a dynamic online company to signficantly grow sales.

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DRTV = Effective

Traditional TV advertising continues to make way for DRTV (Direct Response TV), the offspring that has matured rapidly to take a grown-up share of the UK broadcast TV ad market.

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DRTV in the UK

“The more you tell the more you sell!”

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Why TV Works Every Time

Proven over many years TV offers advertisers the best methods for measuring audience demographics plus tracking the age, sex, status and the interests of viewers watching specific programmes on selected TV channels.

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TV Drives Online Traffic

Unlike typical Brand advertising, DRTV will always deliver a measurable & accountable return on investment and the almost immediate results continue to provide marketers with real day-to-day numbers.

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DRTV Generates Leads

DRTV is often considered to be the poor relation of other media aimed primarily at daytime viewers with debt problems or those seeking compensation claims of some sort.

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How to make Successful Infomercials

The most important factor for the success of any infomercial is the time that you take to talk about the product.

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Increase Sales Using DRTV

Fragmenting TV audiences continue to give many marketers a headache in the UK.

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ARMADA – Effective Campaign Analysis

BRTV (Brand Response TV) advertising is proving very popular with advertisers needing accurate sales data.

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